Quadient DS-95i Folding Inserting Machine-up to 100,000 filled envelopes per month

Quadient DS-95i Folding Inserting Machine-up to 100,000 filled envelopes per month

Product details

A Specialist & Versatile Inserting System

Folding, inserting & sealing for up to 80,000 envelopes per month

The DS-95i folding inserting machine from Quadient (formerly Neopost) is both dependable & highly versatile, being able to be customised to your specific requirements. With the ability to have up to 7 feed stations, this machine can process a wide range of business applications & the most challenging combinations of document types & sizes. 

Having full-page Contact Image Sensor (CIS) scanning technology, the DS-95i can read any type of coding, including optical mark, optical character & 1D/2D data matrix barcodes. As the scanner reads the entire area of the page, codes can be printed anywhere on the document & can also be read either horizontally or vertically. With a large loading & unloading capability, along with many intelligent features, the DS-95i is a perfect solution for the busiest of mailrooms.

Why Choose a DS-95i?

Easy to Use
Grow Revenues
Remove Risks
Increase Production
A software driven & a wizard-based, 10" colour touch screen allows managing of jobs easily.
Personalising your mail communications will increase opportunities & engagement with clients.
Avoid human collating errors & ensure that documents go to the right recipients.
Save staff time by removing the need for manual sorting & inserting intoenvelopes.

An Intelligent, Intuitive & Flexible Mailing Machine

Easy to Use
The 10" full colour touch screen & wizard-based guidance simplify operations. Up to 50 pre-stored jobs can be quickly & easily recalled from memory or you can easily create new ones. Load your documents & envelopes, press start & the DS-95i automatically measures materials & sets itself up. 
Linking of feeders allow continuous operation. If one feeder runs empty, another one will automatically take over, allowing you to refill as needed until the job is completed. This machine will automatically collate, fold, insert, seal & count up to 4,300 mail items per hour. 
The high capacity vertical stacker allows for unloading less often, giving operators more time to engage in other tasks. When running at maximum speed the DS-95i requires less handling & makes it possible to process up to 500 filled envelopes every 8 minutes.
The DS-95i can be configured to use barcode reading technology to automate jobs of varying numbers of pages, giving an additional layer of security. This feature ensures that the right documents are always sent to the right customer.

Processing Speed
Up to 4,300 envelopes per hour
10" adjustable colour touch screen
Load'n Go automatic job set up
FlexFeed multi-format feeder
Multiple sheet feeding
Cascade feeding
Number of feeders
Up to 7, including Versa feeder
Job memories
Up to 50
Manual feeding
Accumulate before folding
Tip-to-tip sealing
Document feeder capacity
Up to 725 sheets 
MaxiFeeder capacity
Up to 1,200 sheets
Envelope feeder capacity
Up to 400 envelopes
Vertical envelope stacker 
Up to 500 envelopes
Document height
Document width
129mm to 228mm
Document weights
Minimum: 60g/m2  
Document weights
Maximum: 250g/m2
Document weights
Maximum when folded: 170g/m2
Envelope size
Maximum set thickness
Fold types
Letter, Z-fold, Single, Double Parallel, no-fold
LAN embedded
Wireless embedded
Remote Assistance
Remote Diagnostics
Mail Assembly Accuracy
Secure'n Feed double detection
Document loading detection
1D & 2D Barcode reader
Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) readerStandard
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Optional Upgrades
AIMS-500 Mail Assembly Verification Software
Output Management Software (OMS)