Quadient DS-64i Folding Inserting Machine-up to 30,000 filled envelopes per month

Quadient DS-64i Folding Inserting Machine-up to 30,000 filled envelopes per month

Product details

User Friendly Mail Inserting

Dependably folds, & inserts up to 20,000 envelopes per month

The DS-64i from Quadient (formerly Neopost) is a robust folding inserting system known for reliability & ease of use. With speeds of up to 2,500 filled envelopes per hour, the Ds-64i will prepare your outbound mailings quickly & efficiently.

The DS-64i will process all document sizes including inserts, reply forms & return envelopes from a single tray. When combined with the Quadient output management systems (OMS)featuring group sorting & splitting capabilities, this machine will optimise your mail flow & contribute significant cost savings for your business.

Why Choose a DS-64i?

Grow Revenues
Easy to Use
Remove RiskControl Expenses
Use personalised mailings to engage new & existing customers
A full colour touch screen & wizard-based software help easy job set up
Produce mail accurately to ensure that your important documents don't go astraySave staff time & money by automating manual document collation, folding & filling envelopes

A Handy Mailroom Assistant 

Easy to Use
The 7" full colour touch screen & wizard-based guidance simplify operations. Up to 50 stored jobs can be easily recalled or easily create new ones. Load your documents & envelopes, press start & the DS-64i automatically measures materials & sets itself up. 
325 sheets can be continuously fed from each feeder, or 650 documents using two feeders in cascade mode. The machine will fold & insert automatically, up to 2,000 mail items per hour. Optional performance package can be added to increase this to 2,500 items of mail per hour & increase maximum fold capacity to 8 sheets in a single fold.
Document feeders will accommodate a wide variety of material combinations, which includes full sheets, inserts or BRE's. There are 5 configurations to meet specific needs. 
Feeder technology will prevent double document errors & when equipped with optional document code reading, variable-page document sets can be assembled which ca selectively include enclosures with complete accuracy .

Processing SpeedUp to 2,500 envelopes per hour
Monthly volume
Up to 15,000 per month
7" Colour touch screen
Automatic settingsStandard
FlexFeed feeders
Multi-document feeding
Standard & up to 10 sheets
Cascade feeder linking
Feeder configuration
1/1.5/2/2.5 stations
Job memory
Up to 50
Manual feed
Standard with upper feeder 
Exit options 
Catch tray/HCVS/side exit
Feeder capacity
Up to 325 sheets (80g/m2)
Inserts capacity
Up to 1,200 (A5, 80g) 
Envelope feeder capacity
Envelope height 90mm to 162mm
Maximum set thickness2mm
Fold types
Fold types V-fold, C-fold, Z-fold, Double V-fold, no-fold
Document width
130mm to 230mm
Document height
Envelope length
160mm to 248mm
Accumulate before folding
Folding capacityUp to 8 sheets single fold
Noise level64.8 Db
Optional Upgrades
RecognitionOMR, BCR, OCR
Short feeders
Expert or Special
MaxifeedersExpert or Special
Output Management SoftwareAvailable
Output Management Software (OMS)