Quadient DS-75i Folding Inserting Machine-up to 60,000 filled envelopes per month

Quadient DS-75i Folding Inserting Machine-up to 60,000 filled envelopes per month

Product details

Quick, Versatile & Easy Inserting

Fold, inserts & sealing for up to 40,000 envelopes per month

The DS-75i from Quadient (formerly Neopost) is the ideal folding inserting system for any medium sized application or business. It's advanced design & technology, whilst engineered in a compact footprint, allows you to quickly & securely process your most important communications at speeds of up to 3,600 filled envelopes per hour, with a wide variety of inserts. 

With its advanced technology, the DS-75i can be connected to your network, providing access to unique online services such as remote assistance & diagnostics, further reducing downtime. Its large loading & unloading capabilities, along with its intelligent features, means that this machine will fit comfortably into any workplace environment.

Why Choose a DS-75i?

Ease of Use
Grow Revenues
Remove Risks
Control Costs
A software driven, wizard-based, colour touch screen allows for easy job set up.
Personalising your mail communications will increase opportunities & engagement with clients.
Avoid human collating errors & ensure that documents go to the right recipients.
Save staff time by removing the need for manual sorting & inserting into envelopes.

An Intelligent & Versatile Mailing Machine

Easy to Use
The 7" full colour touch screen & wizard-based guidance simplify operations. Stored jobs can be easily recalled from memory or easily create new ones. Load your documents & envelopes, press start & the DS-75i automatically measures materials & sets itself up. 
Continuously feed 325 sheets from each feeder, or up to 975 documents using three feeders in cascade mode. The machine will fold & insert automatically, up to 3,800 mail items per hour. 

High Productivity
The high capacity vertical stacker allows unloading less often, giving operators more time to engage in other tasks. When running at maximum speed the DS-75i requires less handling & makes it possible to process up to 500 filled envelopes every 8 minutes.
The DS-75i can be customised to fit your needs & requirements. With several feeder configurations you can design & deliver attractive mailshots to generate new revenues. The FlexFeed tray enables processing of any document size or type & when combined with the unique semi-automatic envelope separation mechanism, flexibility to feed a wide range of document types is provided.

Processing SpeedUp to 3,600 envelopes per hour
7" Colour touch screen
Load'n Go automatic setting
FlexFeed multi-format feeder
Multi-sheet feeding
Cascade from feeders
Number of feed trays
Up to 3
Powerfold folding capacityYes (up to 10 sheets 80gsm)
Job memoryUp to 25
Hand feedingStandard 
Document feeder capacity
Up to 325 sheets (80gsm)
High capacity feeder capacity (optional) 
Up to 725 sheets (80gsm)
Envelope feeder capacityUp to 325
High capacity vertical stacker (optional)Up to 500 envelopes
Automatic double detection 
Accumulate before foldingStandard
High capacity vertical stacker
Up to 500 envelopes
Fold types
Letter, Z-fold, Single, Double, Parallel, no-fold
Tip-to-tip sealing
Noise level
67.3 Db
Document height
Document width
130mm to 230mm
Envelope length
Envelope width
160mm to 248mm
Maximum insert thickness
Maximum set thickness
Optional Upgrades
Maxifeeder capacity
1,200 sheets/325 BRE
Side exit
Up to 225 envelopes
Mailing system interface
Barcode Reader (BCR) for 1D & 2D barcodes
Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)Available
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Output Management Software (OMS)
Remote Assistance Available
Remote Diagnostics
System Dimensions
Length x Height x Depth
DS-75i (3 feeders with catch tray)
1,300mm x 725mm x 454mm