PBS supplies all types of white C5 (DL & C4) self-seal & gummed envelopes, either window, or non-window, for basic office use. 

If you are using a desktop mailer or high volume inserting system we can provide you with the exact gummed envelopes compatible with all makes & models of mailing machines. For bulkier, multiple insert runs, we supply slightly larger machine envelopes such as DL to DL+ & C5 to C5+ to cater for those applications. Mailing envelopes are available with flexible window options to facilitate various addressing requirements & are traditionally supplied with gummed flaps for sealing at high speed. Mailing envelopes can also be printed in high quality colours-up to 4, to give your envelopes a bespoke look.

Bespoke envelopes can be made to order, supplied with various window sizes or positions & inside or outside seams to meet all of your specifications. All of our envelopes are supplied by a long established UK manufacturer. For bulk orders over 10,000 or bespoke designs not shown on our website, please call us on 0800-999-2282 or click here to contact us. 

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